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Blood Cancer Patient Q&A - Kate Giles

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22 May 2017

Kate joins us to answer your questions and talk about her experiences of being a watch and wait patient with small lymphocytic lymphoma in our latest Facebook Live patient Q&A.

On Thursday 25th May Bloodwise Ambassador Kate Giles is joining us to answer your questions and talk about her blood cancer experiences in our latest live patient Q&A on Facebook from 1 pm.

Kate was diagnosed with chronic lymphoctyic leukaeamia/small lymphoctyic lymphoma in September 2010 and had been feeling tired for a long time prior to finding a small lump in her groin which prompted her to go to her GP. 

Initial blood tests didn't reveal anything untoward and it wasn't until a lymph node biosply three months later that her diagnosis was confirmed.

Kate was placed on watch and wait and as yet is still to receive any active treatment but has received some fantastic emotional support to help her come to terms with being on Watch and Wait and is passionate about raising awareness about the emotional side of blood cancer.

Her blog 'The Fake Diary of a Blood Cancer Patient' has been a brilliant resource for others on Watch and Wait and is well worth reading ahead of the Q&A. You can read her blog here.

If you have a question that you'd like to ask Kate ahead of the Q&A please email us at You can read more about Kate's diagnois here:

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