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Suzanne Beattie

Bloodwise Visits to Haemato-Oncology Nursing Teams

Suzanne Beattie
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Suzanne Beattie
30 Mar 2014

The Bloodwise Patient Experience Team is travelling the country to visit and connect with haemato-oncology nursing teams about materials, resources, support and other ideas!

What are we doing?

We're building our connections with haemato-oncology nurses and other health care professionals working in haemato-oncology by organising meetings to talk about the support and information resources Bloodwise has on offer for both patients and nurses. Members of the Bloodwise Patient Experience Team are currently travelling all across the country on a regular basis to give an overview of what we do and to hear from nurses how we can help them best. 

We're very keen to meet with as many team members as possible on these visits , and particularly we're looking to connect with research nurses, clinical nurse specialists and clinical nurse educators who may be able to help roll out our resources and materials to patients and other healthcare professionals who may find them helpful. 

We’d love to have a meeting with your team soon so please do contact us using the details below if you’d like to organise one!

Why are we doing this?

Here at Bloodwise we believe that it’s so important for us to provide support for haemato-oncology nurses and other healthcare professionals working in haemato-oncology as a way of improving the lives of people affected by blood cancer.  We want to make sure that we’re listening to your teams and hearing from you what support and information might be most helpful for you and your patients. We feel that by meeting with nursing teams face-to-face we will be better able to provide you with information about what we can offer, answer any questions your team might have, and also facilitate our working relationship going forward.

What you can expect from a meeting?

  • One or two members of the Bloodwise Patient Experience Team there to answer any questions or concerns you have about our resources and support services
  • New resources we have to offer handed out to each member of your team along with some other goodies!
  • An overview of our current services as well as new projects we are currently developing, including Blood Cancer Connect and our new Nurses E-Learning course
  • The chance to voice your ideas on how Bloodwise can best help you to support your patients and your team
  • The chance to discuss with us potential ideas of how our volunteers with an experience of blood cancer might be able to take on a face-to-face hospital volunteering role
  • The chance to join the Nurses Network, the private Bloodwise Nurses Facebook Group and sign up for the monthly Haemato-Oncology Nurses Newsletter

How can I organise a meeting with Bloodwise for my team?

These visits can be organised directly with the Patient Experience Team here at Bloodwise HQ and can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (or longer if you like!). 

To organise a meeting for your team please call us on 0207 269 9015 or email

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