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Bloodwise Westminster reception marks Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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29 Sep 2016

A recent survey, commissioned by Bloodwise to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September, found that when presented with a list of cancer types, fewer than one in 10 adults aged 16-75 (9%) thought blood cancer was amongst the most common type of cancers in the UK, and one in 25 (4%) thought blood cancer causes the most deaths each year in the UK.

A special reception at the Speaker’s House in Westminster hosted by political commentator Alastair Campbell also marked the launch of Bloodwise Patient Ambassador Programme. As well as working with hospitals and local healthcare settings to raise awareness, ambassadors will give interviews to the media, support other patients and provide insight into policy issues that impact blood cancer patients.

Henry Smith MP, chairman of the newly established All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer said: “Around 38,000 people are diagnosed with blood cancer each year and there are approximately 230,000 people living with a blood cancer in the UK. The Bloodwise Ambassador Programme is a brilliant way to bring the voices of people affected by blood cancer together, all of whom are so passionate about raising awareness and improving patients’ lives.

Diana Jupp, Director of Patient Experience at Bloodwise, said: “It is not always easy to spot the signs of blood cancer, so it is wonderful that patients are coming together to help highlight the symptoms and issues surrounding the disease.

Many of our ambassadors have been blood cancer patients themselves and know only too well how devastating a diagnosis it can be. It is paramount that we increase understanding and raise awareness so that we can support each and every person affected.”

Find out more about our 3 & 5 campaign and what you can do to raise awareness.

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