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Aileen Lamb
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Aileen Lamb
25 May 2016

Having lived the life of a hermit since last September I was finally able to grab a small slice of normality last week on a short break.

Steve & I had been invited by Caroline Millar, owner of the stunning Hideaway Experience in Angus to be her guest for a couple of nights R&R. This would be our second visit to the Hideaways which are three completely private, romantic couples retreats located on Caroline’s family farm just 15 minutes from the centre of Dundee.  The properties have every luxury imaginable – sauna, outdoor hot-tub, millionaire views and total calm.

This was simply the best place to enjoy our first trip ‘away’ since my diagnosis and treatment. I was surprised at how full of trepidation I was before the visit. This is an hour and a half from home, somewhere I’ve been before – what’s to worry about? My ‘sensible head’ knew there was nothing at all to concern me, however 9 months of life changing situations mess with your head a bit!

The trip went without a hitch and more than anything its been a step in the getting back to normal process that I’m craving. Its also given me a confidence boost for our next trip which is to the beautiful island of Islay next month.

I’m also just 2 days from a milestone which back on February 19th felt like a lifetime away. My transplant will be 100 days old on Thursday 26th May! This is a chunky target from the medics point of view and everything on transplant day is focused on making it to Day 100.

I was always intent on getting there with as few complications as possible. Its only now I realise that the doctors were actually more concerned about simply getting me there – alive.

My results have been good so far and I’m scheduled to have a bone marrow biopsy (ouch) next week to do a good sweep around making sure that there are no leukaemia traces left in me………..this is the big test of all the treatment and hard graft by my new cells.

My energy levels are continuing to improve. Drugs are lessening every seven days. Hospital visits are now down to once weekly and hopefully should be even less after Thursdays milestone.

And my brain……at last it seems to be starting to come alive again. I’m reading. I’m spending time writing and thinking about possible fundraising projects for Bloodwise who’ve recruited me as an ambassador. I’ve started to be able to participate more fully in conversations (which some may see as a bad thing!). I’m getting me back.

If our break sounds like something you'd enjoy, lots more information about The Hideaway Experience can be found here.

View from the Hideaway.

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