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Burton Primary School 'Copper Up' £390 to help Beat Blood Cancer!

Danny Redhead
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18 Jul 2015

Pennies really do make the pounds as Burton Primary School have a mile long attempt of raising funds to beat blood cancer!

Staff and pupils at Burton Primary School have been busy raising funds with the return of Big Copper Count-Up to the school. Having fallen shy of reaching the top of the 4ft tower last year, the year six pupils eagerly planned a mile of pennies event in the playground to increase their chances of reaching the top.

"It's infectious watching the coins build up in the tower." said Julie Balderson Business Manager at the school.

"We were about six inches shy of reaching the top last time so we are determined to fill it this time."

The mile of pennies event took place on 30th June in the playground. Pupils collected their pennies at home leading up to the event and class by class each child added their coins to the chain which reached 940.8 metres in coppers equating to 0.58 of a mile.

The school is a great supporter of our branch and many of the pupils already have a fantastic understanding of the work of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research with the branch being set up in memory of former pupil James Neal.

"The children all know about James and his legacy" Julie continued.

"Many of them would have been too young to know him now, but they all know his story and understand the importance of the charities work due to the close connection we maintain with the Winterton and District Branch and the various activities we continue to do in school to keep his memory alive."

The school raised a fantastic £390.87 through their valiant efforts to help beat blood cancer. We'd like to thank them for their continued support. The 4ft tower is now located at Winterton Co-op.

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