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Busy bees!

Nina H
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07 Jul 2014

Hi All! 

We have been training away for the last few weeks, we are both feeling very confident. Nina had some sad news that her good friend was diagnosed with Lymphoma during the week. Which has made her even more determind to raise as much money as possible. 

£300 is our target. We want to exceed that! £300 will pay for the genes of one blood cancer patient to be scanned and analysed to find faults that cause the disease. 

When you see where the research goes first hand - you have so much faith in charities like this. We chose this charity as it means a great deal to so many friends and family of ours. 

Many Thanks, 

Sam & Nina xx



Hi both,

Really sorry to hear about your friend, Nina. How is she doing? Diagnosis is one of the hardest times for patients and their families as you have so many different things to take in all at once and it can be overwhelming.

It sounds like she's got some excellent friends and family behind her which is a really good starting point. We've also got information and downloadable guides that might be of interest as well as a number of patient stories from people who have been through the process in our Patient Support section. Here's the link for yo to pass on if she's interested:

£300 is a very good target to set and we'll do everything we can to help you get there which I'm sure you will given your clear passion and motivation. Our top fundraising tips blog has some handy pointers that should help for a start:

Keep up the good work - you're doing a fantastic job!


Hi Andy, 

Sorry *he* is doing great, considering. He is trying to see the upsides to it all, he has his down days; which is understandable. 

We have put a sponsor form behind the bar of the pub we are currently working in and over night we have already raised £50.00! So pleased, its such a good push to see such support. 

I will pass on the Patient Support link onto him, it looks very intresting, I think he'll really appriciate that. 

Really looking forward to the bikeathon! 


Sam & Nina 

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