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Challenge 2014: The Story So Far

Challenge 2014 T
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29 Oct 2014

9 events down, 4 to go...

As winter's icy grip takes hold and the nights grow ever darker, Team Challenge 2014 are moving closer to completing what has been a fantastic year of events. So what have we done....and what remains?

Dec 13 - Christmas 10k run - complete!
Mar 14 - Bath Half Marathon - complete!
May 14 - Coast to Coast 140 mile cycle - complete!
Jun 14 - Henley Triathlon - complete!
Jul 14 - Padstow to Rock 1 mile swim - complete!
Aug 14 - Great Scottish 2 mile swim - complete!
Sep 14 - Eton Dorney Triathlon - complete!
Oct 14 - Basingstoke Half Marathon &
Tough Mudder 12 mile - both complete!
Nov 14 - Grim Blackout 8 mile run & London Tube Challenge - 1st & 7th
Dec 14 - Grim Challenge & Eton Glow Night Run 10k - 7th & 13th

Team members to date: Claire, Dom, John, Libby, Matt, Penny, Rob, Sam, Sarah, Teri.

Every penny of your sponsorship has gone to LLR and helped to inspire us to battle the weather, hills and aching limbs to complete each event.

For the remaining events, there's still time to either join us or sponsor whatever you can.

Visit our website for more details and updates:

Thank you!



Hi Sarah,

I'm exhausted just reading this! Thank you so, so much for everything that you and the rest of the team are doing to help us beat blood cancer. You've done some amazing events already and I'm really intruigued by the London Tube Challenge - you'll have to write a blog about that one!

I would love to try and join you for an event, too, but with the state of my lungs may well have to postpone any involvement until next year.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for everything that you're doing - together we are Unstoppable!


Hi Andy,

Thank you for your words. My name is John - I'm part of the Challenge 2014 team and posted the above blog. I also run our website at

We are so proud and happy to support LLR - all that we have done is of course nothing compared to those who live with and fight cancer on a daily basis but we wanted to do something to show solidarity and raise as much as we can for the brilliant work the charity does.

Our original reason for all the challenges was the news that a friend had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma - in the past few months he has entered remission which is testament to him and all those who work in the fight against this disease.

We have four events to go and you are of course welcome any time - who knows maybe we'll have to start a Challenge 2015?! ;-)

Thanks, John


Hi John,

That's absolutely wonderful news about your friend - long may he remain in remission! I think it's wonderful what you're doing and wish you all the best with the remaining events. Not sure I'll be able to support you this year but if Challenge 2015 happens (which I really hope it does) I'd love to help out by taking part in one of your events!