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Charity launch 2015 campaign at JLC!

Danny Redhead
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29 Jan 2015

John Leggott College will be the first college to house the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Winterton and District Branch Big Copper Count-Up this year. The 4ft fundraising tower can hold up to £300 in copper or up to £1500 in silver, it travels around local businesses, pubs, shops and schools in the region.

The college will be hosting collection tubs across campus as part of the Big Copper Count-up campaign, in the hope of helping our branch take a step closer to our 2017 £100,000 target. As well as this the sixth form college will be increasing awareness for our cause by directing staff and students to our online platforms on Tv screens across campus and on their online portal, the college will help to raise awareness of our charity by housing the copper count up in Starbucks.

We are thrilled that the Big Copper Count-Up is travelling to JLC, as a branch run by young people we are always keen to challenge the media by demonstrating the compassion that young people show to help others, and we are sure that the students at JLC will demonstrate this in helping to raise valuable funds and awareness to help beat blood cancer.

We felt that JLC was a fantastic place to house the Big Copper Count-Up to help us spread our message to more people in the area, and we have been overwhelmed by the support that the college has offered.

The money will be collected through a number of collections tubs in key areas of the college as well as in the 4ft high Big Copper Count-Up tower. The rationale behind this campaign was to create a collection point and raise awareness across the North Lincolnshire region of the charity and its work.

Over the last three years the initiative has helped us raise around £11,000, helping to drive diagnosis of blood cancer, inspire new treatments and better care for blood cancer patients.

We are very excited to have JLC as our first higher education establishment to house the Big Copper Count-Up and we look forward to working with them during 2015 to help beat blood cancer! 



Absolutely fantastic stuff. Keep up the good work Danny!


Thanks Andy

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