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CML for my birthday

Robert H
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25 Sep 2014

CML Anthony Nolan

Friday 21st January 2011, my 55th birthday. I had a phone call from by GP who wanted to see my re the blood test that I have in the morning. 

So off I went to the surgery hoping my abdominal pains weren't due to wheat intolerance. When I heard that I had leukaemia ( My brain didn't  register the chronic myeloid part) I thought "leukaemia, that's what other people get " .

My GP explained that CML was fairly easy to treat ,Glivic, and that He had arranged an appointment with specialist on Monday (yes this is our much maligned NHS).

Unfortunately I was one of the minority of people that the drugs didn't work so in the summer of 2012 thanks to Anthony Nolan, a wonderful unknown German Lady and the skills of the teams at Kings College Hospital I underwent a stem cell transplant.

Two years later after treatment for liver GvHD I fell fitter than I have for years



Hi Rob,

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of CML. I, too, had a bone marrow transplant and am now more than 10 years in remission. It's great to hear that you're doing so well and feeling fitter than ever - long may that continue!