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day -6

Moss J
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12 Aug 2015

Had a great nights sleep last night which is always good. Up to the usual blood tests and tablets. Very pleased to see that anti sickness in there. I was just about to shower when the porter arrived to take me to radio so I went in no pjs, still no messing with having to remove the underwired bra I guess.

Once back today's nurse cane and started telling me about the chemo they were putting me on today. Err hello but what chemo? I had chemo down as sat/sun. I explained that I'm a 'little' bit OCD and that if things are different to the routine I've got in my head I need it all to be made clear to me, preferably written down so I know what's going on. She very kindly did just that and explained the drugs to me. So, for your entertainment here's all the crap I'm being pumped full of over the next week.

Day -6 radio x2, campatn
Day - 5 radio x2, campatn
Day -4 radio x2, campatn
Day -3 campatn, cyclophosphamide
Day -2 campatn, cyclophosphamide
Day -1 ciclosporin
Day 0- transplant!


George in tuxedo, red bow tie and holding a microphone at Royal Albert Hall Bloodwise Christmas show

Good luck, Josie! I remember seeing what looked like a discrepancy between the original plan I'd been given and the schedule I was then told when it came to the conditioning, and feeling terrified that somehow something had gone wrong! It turned out just to be badly worded -- but it was such a relief to know they DID know what they were doing...

All the best,


Thanks for the update Josie.

Hoping those anti-sickness drugs do their thing and take the worst of the nausea away. I completely understand your anxiety over the changes to the schedule. Like you I wanted to know exactly what was going on, what drugs did and when I was going to take them and would have reacted very similarly.

As George said this sort of thing does happen and I think the key thing is that you keep asking questions and seeking assurances as it's really important that you feel comfortable and have faith in what they're doing.

Got everything crossed for you and am with you every step of the way!

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