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Day +6

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24 Feb 2016

The Stem Cell Transplant Diet

Day +6: I am now on what is known as The Stem Cell Transplant Diet. It's pretty extreme, it's where the pain of Mucositis is so bad that you can only manage one or two mouthfuls of food per meal before giving up. I'm on regular morphine for the pain, which has helped the pain in my stomach, but doesn't seem to be helping the pain in my throat when I swallow. Today, I managed a small glass of fruit juice for breakfast, a bowl of soup for lunch, a glass of milk and half a yoghurt for supper. 

Because of my lack of food intake, I also reacted badly to my evening dose of immunosuppressive, Cyclosporin, getting a blinding headache and nausea. My nurse gave me some paracetamol which helped, but I am not really supposed to have paracetamol anymore because it can mask temperature spikes caused by sepsis, which I am told I WILL get in the coming days. She's going to ask the doctors to prescribe me codeine instead. I'm also on an overnight bag of fluids because even drinking water is painful.



Jane, I so remember the pain of mucositis. I would try to sip some water, and then I would feel as if my head was exploding. Although I had a morphine drive I would have to hammer on my door so that a nurse could give me a top up straight into my mouth. Trying to use mouth wash was agony. The next couple of weeks are going to be really tough, but hopefully the transplant has been a success.Thinking of you and your family xx

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