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Day + 68 - #gettingmylifeback

Aileen Lamb
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Aileen Lamb
27 Apr 2016

A quick update on progress since my stem cell transplant and an apology for the long silence.

I've been working my way though the routine of the past 50'ish days since my last post and realise that I've neglected to provide a proper update for readers.

Weeks 3 - 6 were pretty grotty to be honest. Nothing out of the ordinary according to the docs but pretty crap from my point of view. Sleeping masses. Pretty lethargic all the time and nausea like I've never experienced - and hope I never have to again.

The fatigue is simply something which I need to deal with and go with the flow. Friends will understand how hard this is for me! The nausea however was something that the docs could try and help with. They chucked new drugs at me and also stripped some non-essential pills out of my daily regime. This plan eventually worked and I began to feel more human.

I can't really blame my system for feeling sick and upset with the number of drugs I was swallowing. Thanks  for a great tip from my pal Audrey in Florida, which was to spread the drugs across several hours rather than attempt all in one go! The advice really helped.

I'm now at +68 and feeling better every day. My neutrophils are 100% donor which is brilliant. Other blood results will follow next week I think but everything appears to be going in exactly the right direction. I've been transferred to being partly looked after by my old team in Edinburgh at the Western General so only have to travel to Glasgow once a week. I'm also driving again (locally)- woohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Freedom!

And finally on Monday the good news that my blood counts are fine for me to be back at the gym. This means that even if its snowing here (as it was today) I can get some much needed exercise. I'm trying to either fit in a walk or a trip to the gym every day and this is definitely helping my energy levels.

My Facebook plas will already have seen this but for everyone else here is my first job as an Ambassador for Bloodwise. Keeping fingers crossed that the publicity will generate new sign ups for the various donor registers and glad to have contributed to the £300k raised for Bloodwise during the Virgin London Marathon.


Credit - Daily Record for image.


Eleanor Baggley

So much good news here, Aileen! I hope you continue to feel well and enjoy your freedom/driving/the gym! Best wishes, Eleanor

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