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day +8

Moss J
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26 Aug 2015

Lovely visit from the hubby last night due to babysitting from Mum. So rare that we get to see each other on our own but so important. Really cheered me up.

pretty frightening night. Woke up in the early hrs to hysterical screaming for help, cue crash alarms and much much running from nurses.Don't know what happened to whom but stark reality that people in here are fighting for their lives every minute of every day.

Yesterday I had a morphine drip thing put just under the skin of my arm to allow a constant morphine feed. Seemed to help though not enough with the swallowing/throat. Have got something new on order from pharmacy arriving today so we will give that a try.

Hair has started to fall out again drastically so my Sinead O Connor look won't last much longer. I knew the radio would get rid of it again but it's going to be much more severe this time, complete shiny bald head by the looks of it.

I know it should start re growing in a cpl months, I think it will be back to longer than it is now by Xmas so that can be my Xmas treat, some form of hair styling perhaps?! Still fancy just having it bright pink or purple or similar, just the once. Perhaps pillar box red for Christmas?!

Kiddies visiting this afternoon so hopefully Izzy behaves as the last cpl visits been a bit tricky, then again I do have cake for her and that always helps!




Glad that your hubby has been able to visit. I was only allowed one visitor at a time after my transplant and they had to scrub up before and after a visit. My +1 day was my birthday and the nurses sang happy birthday through the intercom.I hope the children's visit went well. You will be back home soon all being well

Take care



Thanks for the update Josie.

I had a very similar experience on a couple of occasions whilst I was undergoing my transplant which hit home that I wasn't alone in my isolated battle. Morphine can do crazy things to people especially on high doses which can leave them very confused about who and where they are. Luckily my dose was never that high but hallucinations aren't uncommon.

I think setting yourself a special trip to the hairdressers in December is a great target to set yourself and gives you something to drive towards and look forward to. I hope that the visit of your kids went well and so pleased to hear your great news about the white blood cell count!

Keep going - you are so nearly there!

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