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The diagnosis

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04 Jun 2015

I clearly remember St.John coming to my work and telling it was ok he had Lymphoma??? I thought thank god for that nothing serious – then he added the work cancer – my world fell apart – but I had to be strong as it wasn’t me having to go through it – it was St,John – the man I had spent the last 11.5 years!! with and was hoping to spend the rest of my life with – was this now going to even happen?
The following few days were spent meeting with doctors and a few more tests, including another biospy to see how far it had spread– we were told he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was stage 2a (why the hell had he not listened to me nagging about that bloody cough!!). I think it was a I can’t really remember – but I do know that it was the form that presents the least amount of systems (hence the silent killer I suppose) he hadn’t had night sweats – his arm pit had only just popped out, he didn’t have lumps anywhere else and although he had lost a lot of weight for him it was probably only about 10lbs?
We were told he would need 6 months of chemo – every two week – this took us right up to the date of our wedding – I offered to postpone  (what was another  year when had waited so long anyway!!) – St.John wouldn’t let me – we did however have to forfeit our already booked honeymoon to Vegas and San Francisco!!
St.John, as you will find out is quite stuborn and quite frankly, cancer had picked on the wrong person




Thanks so much for sharing St.John's diagnosis with us. What made him present to the doctors? As you say it is a silent killer and can spread really quickly so it's good that you were able to pick it up when you did. Can't believe it happened so soon to your wedding and honeymoon although judging by the tone of your blog I can see that your husband had other ideas on what was going to happen next!


It was his cough - and the fact it was annoying me more than him!! scarey given he had no other indications