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Diary of a "Fake" Cancer Patient - TO VE or not to VE

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30 Apr 2014

In the current economic climate, it is not really surprising that in my place of work they have announced a Voluntary Exit (VE) scheme & for most people I can see that if the terms are good, it’s not a bad thing to do. For a cancer patient, the situation is rather more complex than looking at the proposed payout and making a valued decision upon whether it is sufficient to live on whilst looking for a new job. You see, in my workplace, I am a member of a company pension scheme, which includes provision for a Death in Service payout to my dependents - in other words life cover that I cannot get elsewhere! Additionally, my current job gives me sick pay for 12 months – 6 months at full pay followed by 6 months at half pay which I am unlikely to get in a new company until I have worked there for a few years & how am I supposed to know how my health will be?

I should imagine that taking voluntary exit is a no brainer for some but VE for me means taking a much longer-term view, which I find extremely difficult as a cancer patient. Some of my previous blogs have touched upon living, as opposed to just existing & some would encourage me to take the money & run & have a blast doing it! Trouble is, I have to plan for as many potential eventualities as possible, whilst resisting the temptation to sit there & say “What if?” It’s a very strange way to think & yet another challenge to my mindset.

Sometimes I think back nostalgically to the days before cancer and whilst I know it wasn’t ever as easy as I remember it being, life did seem more straightforward then. Cancer shapes your life in so many ways  …….



Kate, you've opened up a really interesting area for debate here. As you say, blood cancer impacts on your life in so many ways other than the physical. We're not best placed to advise on issues like this but Macmillan are brilliant if you're looking for advice and well worth getting in touch with. Here's the link: http://www.macmillan.org.uk/HowWeCanHelp/FinancialSupport/FinancialSuppo...

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