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End of June

Adrian D
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30 Jun 2014

Injuries in the month of June, a new job role, birthday parties, my daughter performing in a gymnastics competiton and the World Cup slowed my progress, but I'm hoping that by writing this blog I'll create a contract to get me back on track. 

Running and gym work have been put to one side due to ankle problems, which require me to see a specialist in July. I'm focussing on improving my nutrition, reducing my weight and continuing with my swimming and walking to get myself better conditioned.

I'm motivated by reaching 2/5 of my target for the run within the first couple of months. With 3 to go I should achieve it and make a great contribution to this research. Hopefully Dad would be proud (little tear appeared there).  

Starting reading SJ Scott's 10,000 steps which says that if I can achieve this number of steps per day I'll be able to lose about a pound of weight per week. This would be my target before I start that run on September 14th. 

Now I've found this blog page I'll try and update more regularly so that when I'm losing direction or need a kick to keep going you'll all tell me to think about the cause. 





well done cuz, uncle bob would be very proud of what you are doin mate, we all are. its a hard thing to keep up, i know from personal ive been trying to get in shape and healthy for a hell of longtime since i left the army.

will be behind you 100% my friend.


Hi Adrian,

Sounds like you're well on track with the training despite your recent time off for a number of reasons. Make sure you're fully over your injury before you get back in to it all again and try and ease your way back in with the first couple of runs rather than go full throttle after a break. Good luck with the fundraising too - you're clearly very determined to help us beat blood cancer and your Dad, I'm sure, will be very proud.

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