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Festive fundraising tips

Jennifer D
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Jennifer D
24 Nov 2015

Christmas wish-list
Everyone fills their list with must-haves for Christmas, but why not ask your friends and family to sponsor you in place of giving you gifts? This is a great way to fundraise with little effort on your part. Plus the holiday season always brings out the generosity in people!

Gift/card making
If you’re the arty type, try putting your skills to good use and start making some festive gifts for your friends to buy. You could make anything from cards to cakes to homemade jewellery. If you’re not too crafty, send the link to our Christmas Shop to all your friends!

Christmas Sweepstakes!
With numerous TV ‘Christmas specials’ hitting our screens, there’s no better time for a bit of friendly betting. Make a sweepstake, and ask your friends or colleagues to get involved for a small donation. There’s ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ as well as ‘Strictly Come Dancing, (a personal favourite) and the ‘X Factor’ final. You could even get your friends together to bet on this year’s Christmas Number 1, with a small fee going towards your fundraising.

Christmas/NYE party
Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned Christmas party. Every office has one, so get in on the action and ask your colleagues to do a raffle for your fundraising as part of the festivities. Or organise a Mince Pie Making competition for a small entry fee. Local businesses are often willing to help, so you could ask them to donate a prize for your winner.

Christmas collections
Contact your local council to get a Christmas collection going on your local high street or in a busy train station. Rope in all your mates to make it a great – and profitable! – day. Get in touch as we can provide the buckets, authority letters and some t-shirts to help you along the way – but some Christmas hats and props might make it a bit more festive! You could even add a competitive element by giving a prize to the person who fills their bucket the highest!

Leftover party!
You’ve cooked enough to feed an army and have more left than you can possibly contend with. What to do? Invite all your friends over for a second Christmas dinner of course! You can throw all your leftovers together for a dinner party, with a small entry fee/donation bucket for your event sponsorship.

New Year’s resolutions
With the 1 January fast approaching, it can be great to set a New Year’s Resolution that will get people sponsoring. Maybe you want to do the event in fancy dress? Or do an alcohol-free January as part of your training? The world is your oyster!

Approach the locals
What you’re doing to help beat blood cancer is so important, everyone in the local area should hear about it! Our team have pulled together lots of advice about the best way to go about promoting your fundraising, including how to involve local press.

Have a happy holiday season, whatever you get up to. If you need any help, advice or materials, do let me know as soon as possible!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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