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The final weekend of training...

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18 Jun 2014

The final weekend of training was very tough, I thought we would be taking it easy but oh no! My personal bike coach, Mark aka Superman had other ideas so Saturday at 8am we headed off up the biggest hill I've ever seen appropriately called Bear Hill! Fourty miles later and we were back, short sharp and to the point.

Sunday was a different matter. Has anyone ever done 50 miles of hard graft at 8 o’clock in the morning after staying up to watch England lose at football? Well it isn’t pretty! ...although I had eaten a Chicago Pizza Pie from Coast to Coast the night before and it was this and only this that got me through it. However, my fellow cyclists stood no chance and the ride was messy!

So that’s it, preparation is done and the ride is upon us...

You can keep up to date on all of our online platforms for Frankie & Bennys to see how we get on. It’s been a pleasure sharing this with you all and well worth it now we are on target for the big 250k!

All the best

Danny b

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