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First one done!!

Team Fleet
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27 Apr 2015

26/04/2015 i ran the shakespear half marathon as a part of my ongoing goal to run a half marathon everymonth this year to then run a full marathon around October time.

Training since setting up this page and starting my blog went well with many aches and pains whilst trying to make quick steps to up my fitness to ensure i was ready.
I was really worried on the day that i would hurt myself as my legs felt a little stiff from playing football earlier on in the week.
It is safe to say that i could not have imagined the run to go any better and i am really impressed with the time i set!
I finished at 1:42:33 which is about 15 minutes faster than i ran in Birmingham! Not bad at all for me.
Emotions were running high as i crossed the finish line. I really honed in to why i am doing this and what it actually means to me.

This means i now have a challenge. I need to keep up the intensity and keep running. I cant let my times slow down now and i need to think about the marathon later on in the year.

Once again a huge thank you to my family. I honestly couldnt do all this without them.

A huge thank you also to those who donate to the charity. Please do so by following the links on my page or by giving to the charity directly.

I've been struggling to find a half marathon i can attand during May. Any ideas for this will be much appreciated. Now onwards and upwards firstly to the Birmingham 10K this Sunday :)

Better get those trainers back on.

John x