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Laura Pickering

Five final fundraising tips

Laura Pickering
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Laura Pickering
11 May 2015

With only a few days to go, here are some final fundraising tips to push up your total to beat blood cancer.

Our fundraisers often tell us how important those last few days before an event are to their fundraising. You can get a huge boost in your total by following these simple steps just before your event:

1. Get social

Share your challenge on social media, and don’t forget to include a link to your fundraising page! Posts with photos tend to perform better, so don your sports kit, strike a pose and upload this to your social media profiles to get the pounds rolling in. If you’re close to reaching your target, make sure you include that in your post too so that people help you hit it!

2. Share why you’re doing your challenge

Did you know that 38,000 people are diagnosed with blood cancer every year? Or that in 1960, only 1 in 10 children survived the most common form of childhood leukaemia, but thanks to our work, now 9 in 10 children do?

Let everyone know why beating blood cancer is so important to you. By showing people the difference that their donation will make, you’ll inspire them to give. Find out more about how your sponsorship with help beat blood cancer. 

3. A bit of bribery at work…

… can go a long way! Even though your colleagues are probably well aware of your impending challenge, hit them with one last fundraising email, including a link to your fundraising page. Think about tempting them with a bake sale or doing tea round duties to encourage them to give you a donation.

4. Organise a sweepstake

Get a bit of competition going between your sponsors. Ask people to guess how long it’ll take you to complete your challenge, charge them a couple of quid and get a prize for the winner.

5. Don’t forget to say thank you

Every time someone gives you a donation, make sure you give them a shout out on social media or at work. Not only will you spread the word about your challenge, you’ll also encourage others to give.


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