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four weeks to go

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21 Jul 2015

So it's getting nearer, four weeks and counting to the London bikeathon. Yikes!!! I can't wait. I've started my training,under the supervision of my brother Richard Castle, I'm back on a bike for the first times in 15  years. All I can say is "bring it on!!"




Well done for your first rideout on the new bike today on it's commissioning run. 5.5 miles and you tore up that last short, but steep hill like it was a flat. It was like you had never been out of the saddle despite not riding a bike since your days as a postie over 15 years back. 

Bike is really great and will need a few minor 'bedding in'adjusments to get it performing optimally, but this wont take too long.

Keep it up Gaz. you are doing great.

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