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Fun & games

Dan Henchman
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28 Jun 2013

Arm wrestling
Flex those muscles! People pay a donation to take part and it may be nice to give the top arm wrestler a prize for their hard work

Bingo night
“House!” Host a night of bingo, with a donation from those attending

Darts competition
“One hundred and eighty!” Host a fundraising darts competition, with a prize for the winner

Egg and spoon race
A favourite of ours from Sports Days, see who can race with their egg without dropping it! Charge a fine for each egg dropped

Face painting
Why not see if there are any local events that you could have a face painting stall at?

Family Fortunes event
“If it's up there, I'll give you the money myself!” If you own the board game, why not host your own Family Fortunes quiz?

Family fun day
Organise a fun day out for all the family and invite your local community to join you to raise funds

Fancy dress
You can charge people to take part, and you can even pick your favourite theme such as famous film stars

Guess how many sweets are in the jar
Fill a jar with sweets and people can donate to guess how many are in the jar. You can offer a prize to the person with the closest guess, such as their favourite packs of sweets

Guess the weight
...of the sweets in the jar, or make it seasonal such as the weight of a Christmas pudding

Hook-a-duck competition
Charge a donation to have a go at hooking a duck!

Hopscotch competition
Reminiscent of the school playground, host a hopscotch competition with people donating to take part

Try and get back to the start point without spending any money, and get sponsored for the challenge

Juggling competition
Test our your juggling skills and charge a donation for anyone taking part

Karaoke competition
Charge a donation for each song a person sings. What will your song choice be?

Kite flying competition
Who can keep their kite flying for the longest?

Mastermind competition
Host this evening to test people on their chosen subject and their general knowledge, and charge a donation for everyone who sits in the hot-seat

Musical chairs competition
Charge a donation for taking part in this nostalgic party game!

Name the teddy
Have a sheet of possible names for the teddy and ask for £1 per guess, with the person who guesses the correct name winning a prize

Name that tune game
People can donate £1 per guess

Outdoor Games
With events such as tug-of-war and welly throwing

Photo caption competition
People can donate £1 for each caption they make, and the person with the funniest caption wins a prize

Pub quiz
Ask your local pub if you could hold a quiz there, or approach an organised pub quiz to see if they would like to donate takings to the charity

Quote quiz
Put together a selection of famous quotes and ask people to make a donation for each guess

Rounders competition
Great for a sunny day, people can make a donation to enter a team

Treasure hunt
X marks the spot! Host your own Treasure Hunt, with people making a donation to take part

Have cans and bottles on offer with people donating 50p per go

University Challenge event
You could approach your local university to see if students, and maybe even lecturers, would like to enter teams with each team making a donation to take part

Wheelbarrow race
Charge a donation per team of two, and see who is first to the finish!

X-box tournament
Perfect for game consoles fans! Players make a donation to take part and you could charge 50p per person for every different game played

Zoo day
Organise a day trip to the zoo, and charge the group 50p for every different animal that you see!