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Getting back on track after months in the wilderness

Andy J
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11 Mar 2015

With work, wedding planning and my lung condition causing me jip, it's been a testing few months and something had to give. That something was the 30 before 30 challenge However, I'm mindful of the fact that I made a commitment when I signed up to do these challenges and I owe it to myself, everyone that's sponsored me so far and blood cancer patients to finish the job no matter how long it takes.

That's why I'll be heading up to Bristol on Monday to take on my latest challenge - being an extra in a movie! I don't know a great deal about the movie which is called Golden Years but the scene that I'm going to be involved in is a bank heist which should be a lot of fun. My Dad set up the opportunity after investing in the film company behind the film and I cannot thank him enough for all his support with all these challenges - another reason why I've got to see them through.

Today I also booked my tickets for a hot air balloon trip - another of my 30 before 39 challenges. I was hoping to be able to book this for 14th May to celebrate 11 years since going in for my bone marrow transplant but there aren't any flights available and Dad and I will be going up, up and away on 20th May.

That still leaves another 16 challenges to complete and I need to get cracking with these as soon as possible to keep up momentum especially those that are going to take time and planning like meeting 30 other Andy Jacksons and writing a book however I am not going to be defeated and will finish this challenge!

To be able to complete them all I'm going to need all the help I can get so if you've got any ideas or suggestions for any of the remaining challenges do get in touch.

To make a donation and find out more about my challenges and how you can help, visit my 30 before 30 challenge fundraising page.



Andy you are such an inspiration! I really enjoy reading your blogs and wish you all the luck in the world on your remaining challenges. I'd like to go in a hot air balloon but am too scared!

I can help you with one of your challenges by teaching you how to say good morning and good afternoon in Welsh.


p.s. 7th October - best day for a birthday! 


A hot air balloon trip would be amazing!  Hope you get back to full power soon matey

All the best



Well Andy, I hope you enjoy your day as a film extra. I wonder if it has now given you the acting bug.I hope the better weather will also improve your lung condition. Touch wood I have gone a month without picking up any more infections.

I like the idea of going up in a hot air ballon, but as I will not go further than 3 steps up a step ladder I don't think that is something that I will be doing.

I wonder about a challenge in the musical field....perhaps firing the cannon at a performance of the 1812 Overture. That would be awesome!

Not long until your stag do. Have fun

Best wishes