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Halloween fundraising event

Rebecca A
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03 Nov 2014

The Halloween fundraiser at the WIley office in Chichester was a huge success.
For the cake sale we had witches finger shortbread biscuits, a graveyard-themed cake, a spider web cake, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, witches cupcakes and lots of other spooky treats that all completely sold out throughout the day.

The pumpkin carving competition was really popular; each entrant paid £1 to enter with the best five pumpkins winning one of five prizes donated by local companies. The winning pumpkin, controversially, was a melon with a sign 'why should pumpkins get all the fun?'. The pumpkin in second place was being sick and had a strategically placed vodka bottle prop. The winning carvers, who won donated prizes from local beauty salons, Smith and Western and the local gym, had made a real effort.

Everyone in the office had the chance to vote for his or her favorite pumpkin. They paid £1 to vote and for that they received a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of ten prizes. The most popular pumpkin (ahem melon) had raised £18 worth of votes and the second place had raised £12.

The ten lucky raffle ticket winners won prizes including a pamper evening at L'Occitane, tickets to Fontwell park and Sunday lunch for two all donated by the lovely local companies of Chichester.

In addition, to the above fun there was a trick or treat tombola for those brave enough to play. For £1 entrants bought a party bag, which contained either a 'Trick' (an office dare - fairly tame for the most part) or a 'Treat' one of 18 prizes. All of the bags sold and everyone who took part had fun. 


The day couldn’t have been so successful without the generous prize donations of 23 local companies or the effort of all of my colleagues.


The total amount raised at the event was announced today - £350, which I’m really pleased with. A lot of work but well worth it!!


Ellie Dawes

Brilliant! I love the melon pumpkin. Thanks so much for your support Rebecca, and particularly for sharing these blogs to help inspire others. The idea of charging for votes in the competition but also giving each voter a raffle ticket is great!


Great to hear that the event was such a success Rebecca. People clearly put in a big effort as the pumpkins (and melon) are AMAZING! The cakes look pretty decent too - kind of wishing that I'd been there to try one.

Thanks so much for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood cancer not just with your fundraising exploits and training for the Sahara Trek (how's that going by the way?) but also with your blogs which will encourage others to get fundraising themselves. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the comments, it's nice to share the fundraising ideas - especially the ones that work well.
Training is going well - I try to get in a long walk (2-3 hours minimum) once a week, plus 2-3 runs and 2-3 classes to increase fitness. It's becoming harder to do them all in the miserable weather.
To increase running fitness, as a complete beginner to running, I'm trying the NHS couch to 5k running app. I can thoroughly recommend it - I'm on week five and am up to running solidly for twenty minutes. Less than two months ago 60 seconds was the best I could manage.
With four months to go I'll keep this kind of training plan up until I go and increase the frequency of walks closer to the time.
Next on the fundraising list is a Christmas raffle at my Dad's pub, which he has kindly started planning. I'm hoping that will take me closer to my personal target of £2000.

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