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Alan M
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20 Jun 2014

Signing Up!

Having done the Bikeathon for 2 years running I was going to skip this year mainly because I felt bad about asking people for yet more money!  But I have signed up again with my good old friend Ewen because:
1. I love it
2. It gives me a drive to get a little fitter
3. Even if I raise a little its really worth it!

Thanks for joining me again on this Ewen.  Lets have a fun ride!



Good man Alan! Welcome to the team!

I'm taking part for the first time this year - cycling the 52 mile route with no previous experience and a dodgy pair of lungs which should be interesting!!!

What distance are you doing? Good luck with the training and all the best with the fundraising - can't wait to get my free cycling jersey for raising £100 in sponsorship.

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