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Holistic Care

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17 Jun 2013

I've now completed Cycle 3 of my chemotherapy treatment. I was unsure how this would go as the dosage of chemotherapy was significantly higher, albeit only over 5 days.

I'm pleased to say though that everything went without a hitch. I was even able to return home for a couple of days until my blood counts had lowered to a level whereby I needed to come back into hospital.

Other than a few days of a slightly raised temperature, which I required IV Antibiotics for, I'm now at the stage where my counts have started to come up again and I'm just waiting in them being high enough to get home for another break before I start my fourth & final cycle of chemotherapy. ( which I was randomised to as part of the AML 17 clinical trial which I am on).

In this blog I'd like to focus on the holistic approach to the care I am receiving.

Staff will engage as much with my wife as they do with me when she's visiting, because they realise that she is part of the battle too.

One of the consultants took time one day to chat to my wife, at some length,  about the importance of her looking after herself , in order that she could continue to help  me. This was very much welcomed by both of us.

The ward also enjoys the benefit of the services of a complementary therapist. On a personal note she has helped me with sinus  pain by giving me a vapour release unit to ease my discomfort, as well as giving me a back massage to relax me. She was awarded the MBE in 2006 for services to Cancer patients.