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Home After My Last Cycle

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15 Aug 2013

I'm now home after completing my last cycle of chemotherapy. The cycle of course includes the time for my blood counts to fall down (as expected) and then climb to a level where it's safe enough for me to go home whilst they climb back to normality.

The last several days were ironically slow to pass as I was 'well' for longer, compared to other cycles. The recent heat wave wasn't pleasant either, but I was at least able to lie still with a fan on me. The ward staff had to work in the heat which can be greater in a haematology unit due to the air filter system. As usual, the staff just got on with it and did a great job.

It's so good to be home, and it's a strange notion that I won't be going back in for more chemotherapy in a week or so, as I've been used to. I'm now in the monitoring period and hopeful my blood counts will now rise to the level they would have been before I developed AML.

Planning ahead, I'm still taking it easy at home but am building up my walking for the Glasgow LLR 'Forget me not walk' on 1st September 2013. Such is the recognition of the great work of LLR that my £200 fund raising target has been surpassed and my total pledges so far are over £600. A number of family and friends have also registered or are in the process of doing so.

My goal of returning to work is now close. I hope to catch up informally with some of my colleagues during September then phase myself back to full time hours from around the end  of September or beginning of October. Never did I think I could be back at work within 7 months of being diagnosed with AML. It is therefore important to highlight this as it shows that this is possible with the right treatment, which is being supported by LLR.


Ellie Dawes

Great to hear you're back at home Derek, hope you have a quick recovery from your last round of chemo.

Awesome news on the fundraising, what an acheievment! Wishing you good health and a great day for your walk.


This is absolutely fantastic news, Derek. It's great to hear that you're home. Keep us posted on how you're getting on and good luck with returning to work!


Im on my second course so am so glad to hear your ok the chemo doesnt seem to affect me think im an ox lol the first one did was very very poorly but it killed the luekemia so was worth it.Its so nice to know your not on your own good luck for the future x