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11 Jul 2014

With just over two months until we hit the streets with our bikes at the first ever Birmingham Bikeathon, we're delighted to reveal the details of all three routes!*

If you haven't signed up yet but fancy taking part, we've still got places available and have routes that cater for cyclists of all abilities.

We've worked really hard to ensure that the routes are the best they possibly can be and riders will receive a hard copy of the route on the day of the ride. In the meantime, here's a taster of what to expect:

The start

All routes (26, 52 and 100 miles) start and finish at Birmingham’s celebrated new public space, Centenary Square, which holds the brand new Library of Birmingham, the Repertory Theatre, Symphony Hall and the Hall of Memory.

We’ll then all travel down Broad Street which will be closed to traffic, allowing the road to be filled with an Unstoppable sea of red cycling jerseys, past the university and hospital, Edgbaston Cricket Club, and Cannon Hill Park. At this point we’ll head out into the South Birmingham countryside together.

26 mile route 

The 26 mile route goes out to Wythall and then back into the city, ending back in Centenary Square. There’ll be a water station at 13 miles.

View the details of the 26 mile route

52 mile route

The 52 mile route goes all the way through Ullenhall and Tanworth in Arden, then runs back through the city to Centenary Square. There’ll be water stations at 20 and 35 miles.

View the details of the 52 mile route

100 mile route

The 100 mile route goes out into the beautiful Cotswolds, all the way down to Broadway Tower. The ascent up to Broadway is timed (just the ascent, not the rest of the ride as it isn’t a race). The route then goes to Wellesbourne, Tanworth in Arden and back into the city to Centenary Square. The water stations on this route will be at 40, 65 and 85 miles.

View the details of the 100 mile route

And of course there’ll be shelter, water, snacks, hot drinks, toilets, first aid, and mechanics available to all. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family along, even if they’re not riding, to cheer you on – we’ve got great music, food and entertainment to make this a festival atmosphere like no other. Shortly, you'll also receive your rider pack which will contain all the information you need about the day itself. 

If you’re not already signed up, what are you waiting for? Make history with us at Birmingham Bikeathon 2014.

*It’s unlikely, but there may be very slight changes to the routes. Any changes will be communicated to you as soon as possible.



This article is saying 1364ft climb for the Epic route which seems remarkably low. Sure enough, the MapMyRide route is showing it as 1364m (4475ft). Please could you clarify which it is - if people are planning for the former and get the latter, you're going to need a big old broom wagon!

Same is true for the shorter routes also - MapMyRide showing in metres, even though the header says feet.




Thank you so much for flagging this! As you say, it's important that people know what they are letting themselves in for and to go in expecting 1364 feet rather than 1364 metres would leave them in for a nasty shock - 100 miles is tough enough on the flat!

Confusingly MapMyRide has both 1364 feet and 1364 and generated the feet one on our page. I've checked with the sports team and it is metres not feet and have amended the error on our page. Apologies for the confusion and thanks again for flagging this.




I am registered for the 100 mile B'ham Bikeathon and regularly ride much of the route (it is my home area).  I would suggest you re-route away from crossing the A46 as this is a notoriously hazardous busy road to cross. The usual route local cyclists take is down Fulbrook Lane then under the cycle path at the Longbridge Roundabout along the B4463 turn left onto Warwick Road heading into Norton Lindsey to rejoin your route around the 120km mark (having left it at the 112km mark).  The detour I suggest is far more scenic and traffic free than that you have selected - and I repeat is used extensively by local cyclists.

Chris Doyle


Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your suggestion. You'll be pleased to know that we took on board your suggestion and have made amendments to the route to accommodate the changes that you suggested. Here's the new route incorporating the changes:

We really appreciate your input and want to make the Birmingham Bikeathon the biggest success that it can be. This is the first time we've done a Bikeathon in Birmingham and we want it to be for the people of Birmingham which makes local knowledge like yours so useful - thank you so much!

I hope the training is going well and that you're looking forward to the event as much as we are. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner - we got too caught up in modifying the route and forgot to give the credit where it's due!

Look forward to seeing you next month.



The 100 mile water stations are listed as at 40, 65 and 85 miles.

you then say 'And of course there’ll be shelter, water, snacks, hot drinks, toilets, first aid, and mechanics available to all'

can you confirm what will be at the water stations on route?



Hi Tim - we'll be providing cake, sweets, hot beverages and bananas at all stations. BEst of luck and thanks for supporting us at Birmingham Bikeathon.



I haven't received any communications, emails etc since registering back in June. am I missing something?


That's odd tim - I'll look into this you. Could you drop us a line to and mark it for my attention please? Alternatively you can call me on 020 7504 2215 and I can chat to you in person. I've checked our event registrations and can see that emails have been sent out so this is a little puzzling. 

Hope to hear from you soon.



I'm not going to be able to get to the start until approx 9:30am, will this be a problem?


Hi Pip! The 26 & 52 mile waves will leave from 9 - 10.30am so no problem at all.



I've signed up for the 100 mile challenge and have downloaded the course from map my rides. Would this download be the same as the amended one in a previous comment by A Jackson on Aug 13th? Start times are approx 8.00 for the 100 miles, how many people are in each wave and how many will be riding on the day approx.
See you soon


On the day is there an area set aside (At Centenary Square) for riders to store their change of clothing or belongs whilst out on the route.


I have tried to download the 100 mile route but it isn't transferring to my Garmin. Is there another link as I normally download all my sportive routes via gpx files?


Just reading the above blurb about the 100 mile route. It states only the ascent up Broadway is timed. As it's not a race. That's very true sportives aren’t races. It's about challenging yourself and raising money if you can. But the fact you are challenging yourself means you want to know your time for the whole ride.

Done a number of sportives and never come across this before.


I have set up a Strava Route "Birmingham Bikeathon September 2014" at and this can be downloaded as a GPX file to devices such as Garmin. It also works directly on Strava on phones etc. I will setup the entire route as a segment after the ride, so people can see their performance and that of others. The segment from Mickleton to Broadway Tower is a recognised Strava segment altready, so you can see the times there already for those who have ridden this segment to date. The ascent in Strava is measured at 1,707m and the distance for the ride is 163.1km. Good luck everybody.


Only sportive I've done were the whole routes not timed. Sportive riders appreciate its not a race. However it's about challenging yourself and getting your best time.


Hi I am new to riding, but would really like to take part in the event. Currently practicing hard, do you think it's to soon to take part.


Hi I'm new to riding and really like to take part in the event, currently practising with others. Is it to late to enter I've only had my bike a couple of weeks.


Hi Deb, yes you're definitely still in good time to take part in this year's ride! The 26 mile route is achievable for anyone with a bit of training, and 5 weeks is plenty of time. Have a look at our training guide for tips and info if you haven't already.

We're also just about to post up this year's full routes so keep an eye out. Good luck!

Dan (LLR)

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