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Im back (blog number 2)

Dan H
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18 Jun 2015

So its been a while since iv been on here now, so i thought id update my progress so far.

Unfortunatly the Brentuximab i was on for 9 weeks hasnt worked as planned.

My last scan showed some more activity in the chest area but so far this is all the information I have, im due a biopsy within the next week or so to determine weather it is active lymphoma or not..

Of course im dreading results day as im expecting the worst, but i think that kind of becomes natural when youve been through this much chemo over 4 years!

The doctor did say that the scanners are sensitive to almost everything and it could just be an infection of some kind. fingers crossed that is the answer, as the idea of more intensive chemo isnt going down too well considering i was very confident that this would be the end of it.
I think its even more frustrating because i feel absolutely fine, and my health seems much better than it has been.

I have experienced some chest pain over the past few days, but got to stay positive i suppose and im sure il come out the other end eventually.

Biopsy results are due 2nd of july so a new blog will be on the cards once i know more.

Speak soon! x