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"I'm half way there, living on a prayer."

Trevor J
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16 Mar 2013

It had been a busy week last week which included my son's twenty first birthday and several meetings at work. What this meant was I missed my ride on my day off in the middle of the week, so come the weekend I was desperate to get out for a few miles.

So Sunday came and O how fed up am I of this rotten weather, I must be old because I am sure I remember March days of old that shared, at some level, a resemblance of spring. When the sun made an appearance and the nip in the air of early morning lifted to be replaced with a pleasant feel that allowed one to dream of summer days. Not now, not this year because winter still has a firm grip on the country and riding a bike is still for the brave, cold, wet and windy is what accompanied me on thirty miles of tarmac.

It could have been any thirty miles of tarmac as with head down and the wind appearing to come from all directions I was determined to do a good time and with yet another meeting Sunday afternoon I had lots to fit into my day. So getting home in an hour and fifty six minutes at an average of sixteen MPH I was pretty chuffed with my efforts.

The main aim of all my efforts, fundraising for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, took a real positive turn today on two fronts. Firstly I have reached half way to my fundraising target, thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you are all stars.

Secondly today I had a chance meeting at work, we have a charity table set up advertising our fundraising efforts and as part of this there is literature from LLR promoting their work with stories of children that have beaten blood cancer. One is a story of Maisie Speller and today her grandparents came into the store and saw her picture, this led to me being lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking to two really wonderful and grateful people with so much love for their granddaughter.

This was all the confirmation I needed to realise that all my efforts are worthwhile and to continue to raise as much money as I can so every child can beet blood cancer and every parent and grandparent can see their children grow up. Please give generously on my JustGiving page. Thank you, and while you do I will promise to give this challenge my every effort. Roll on Paris.


This entry is republished here from Trevor's own blog with kind permission. To support Trevor, visit his campaign page.

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