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I'm on the right track

Bloodwise Ambassador Katie Ruane
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06 Mar 2014

So my lovely bloglets,

I think this may be a bit rushed.  Lots to say – lots of good stuff.  Bit weird that.  Can’t remember the last time I only wrote about good stuff. Feels like it’s been a really long time.

However.  Happy it is.  Happy I am.

I am nearly 2 weeks into the 100 Happy Days challenge and I’m really enjoying it! I’m not entirely sure how my friends on facebook feel about it…but…sod them! It’s a very simple way to focus on the happy and to realise how many things you can be happy about in a day.  It’s quite difficult to limit it to just one photo, but worry not all your facebookers, I will restrain myself.  However, twitter lot…LUCKY YOU!

In the last week I have been actively sought out to get involved with cancer stuff.  This is absolutely amazing.  It seems like the word is getting out about me in the cancer world…. So I am joining, as a patient representative, a chemotherapy group to make sure that patients are basically getting the best treatment, care during and after etc etc etc  all the things you would think are a given…this is not always the case. And yesterday after a really good afternoon in uni at clinic, this week has been brilliant in terms of my patients.  Positive progression is being made with both, and something monumental happened with one of them.  They came into the room and took their coat off.  Something so little yet so  significant.  This was my 4th session with them and after a slightly rocky start after I went somewhere I was completely unwelcome, without realising it, we have a nice therapeutic relationship and they are making progress.  I have also given some advice to one of my lovely twitter lot and they are doing it and I’m so proud.  It’s amazing the little things I do can have such an impact.  Gone off track a bit, sorry.  So back to last night, at the end of clinic I checked my phone and I have been sent an email.  The Royal London Hospital of Integrated Health wants me to be involved with some research, as part of the research team.  THIS IS  AMAZING!!!!! Not only to be specifically sought out and asked but research on complementary therapies.  It could open some incredible doors for me…..  It seems like the universe is telling me that I am doing the right thing, I am on the right path.

Feeling proud. As you know, the last few months have been a real struggle for me, but I’m getting there.  This next bit is not by any means to belittle or to gloat.  Another uni friend has decided to withdraw from clinic.  I can understand why they have.  I was at that point myself not very long ago and it’s an awful place to be.  You have to be so strong to make the decision that actually, it’s better for you if you leave.  It has made me reflect on myself and the last 6 months and in fact the last 3 and a half years.  I am still there.  I am still moving forward and I am so  proud of myself.  I go through a fair amount of rubbish but have overcome it.  I should be proud of me, it’s allowed, so I take this moment to acknowledge it.
It’s also been confirmed, I have won a prize at uni for progression.  It’s been worth is and this week has shown me why.

I should go or I will be late meeting my friend for an early lunch before I head to uni. I want to end this with something I tweeted yesterday ‘At times cancer is (insert a couple of four letter words!) and I want my life back. Then things like this happen and I feel honoured and proud and it all makes sense’.

So with a massive smile, and hope and love and happiness,

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