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I'm running again!

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12 Jul 2016

After taking part in Race for Life as a walker at the weekend I wanted to see how far I could run today and was delighted to manage 5k in 42 minutes.

I ran a lot before my diagnosis. It was my thing, and only 6 months before getting ill I took part in the London Marathon. I've really missed running and I was a bit upset I couldn't run with my eldest daughter in this year's Race for Life. 

I firmly believe that the fact I was a runner and had a decent level of fitness helped me cope with the gruelling treatment I've endured, and has helped me to recover more quickly afterwards too. I'm so pleased to have started running again today, and I am looking forward to being fit enough to run with my daughter again.

Today has been a very positive day and I'm feeling a little bit more like the me I used to be :-)



Jane this is absolutely fantastic news! 

I couldn't agree more about having a decent level of fitness helping with the treatment. I actually ran the London Marathon the week before going in for my stem cell transplant and was fitter than at that point I'd ever been in my life.

It was crazy to go from that to struggling to take on a flight of stairs in the space of less than six weeks but I went on to make a full recovery and run many marathons as well as running more than 1000 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End so you will get there - it just takes a bit of time. 

Great to hear that you're feeling positive - the sunshine always helps!!!

P.S. I'm thinking of setting up an Ambassador running team to take part in an event sometime next year - probably just a 5/10k one and wondered if you'd be interested?

Aileen Lamb

Brilliant news Jane. I hope that all is going well for you. x


Well done Jane. My first target was being able to walk RFL, which took me 18 months after all my treatments! Had always been a brisk walker, but never a runner. I'm so pleased that life is beginning to get back to normal for you, and the tougher days are becoming more infrequent. Best wishes xx

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