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Impact in the South West

Ben Sykes
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16 May 2016

On 14 May, we hosted our first Impact South West in Winchester, here's how it went

Saturday 14 May was a landmark moment for Bloodwise in the South West of England. For the first time we took Impact Day, our flagship annual event, to Winchester and in doing so gave people the opportunity to learn exactly the impact Bloodwise is having in their local community.

We wanted to give people the chance to chat to others who support Bloodwise; from those who have been with us since 1960 to those who are just starting to get to know the work and impact Bloodwise are able to have with their support.

We had a morning of inspirational talks, firstly from Professor Nick Cross from the University of Southampton who explained to the audience how advances in new technologies are bringing new ways of diagnosing and treating blood cancers. At one point Nick even managed to explain genetic science via an analogy about taking your dog for a walk!   

We also heard from Carly Ringrose, a lymphoma research sister who gave a compelling, whistle-stop tour of how clinical trials work and why they're so vital in developing new treatments. Various members of the team here at Bloodwise also seized the opportunity to give the audience an insight into what we're doing right now to beat blood cancer. Reta, our Head of Patient Services, explained how we're looking radically improve the patient experience for blood cancer patients whilst Matt, our Head of Research, explained to the audience exactly what blood cancer is and how it develops in the first place.

The inspirational talks were closed, inimitably, by our wonderful Bloodwise Ambassador, Toby Peach.  We got to know Toby when he contacted Bloodwise to let us know that he was performing his one man show 'The Eulogy of Toby Peach', which humorously chronicled his battle with blood cancer, at the Edinburgh festival. Since then Toby has developed a close relationship with Bloodwise and the audience were spellbound by Toby's touching and hilarious take on what being diagnosed with lymphoma meant to him.

Everyone who attended spoke of feeling inspired and ready to do more than ever before to help us to beat blood cancer - it's days like Saturday that make you realise with our wonderful support, it's when, not if.


Mr Antony Rathbone

Sounds like this was a great day, Ben. Thanks to everyone who attended for making it so special.


Sounds like a really interesting day.  I am a Winchester Branch committee member so was especially disappointed that I couldn't attend.


I'm sorry that you weren't able to make it Marion, I know that the Branch members who did make it had a fantastic morning and hopefully are able to update you at your next Branch meeting!

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