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It started with an email....

Louise Smith
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01 Dec 2014

A few weeks ago an interesting email popped into my inbox....would I be willing to be filmed for a patient experience project? After a bit of discussion with my husband and a few emails flying back and forth we settled on a date, hotel and train were booked (Hubby and I decided to turn it into a bit of a mini-break), and last week found us in London.

On Wednesday we wandered around Covent Garden in the morning, then we made our way to HQ. Thanks to the information that I had received I did not feel at all nervous. Kate collected me from reception, and my husband went to do research in the local hostelery!!!

I realised that the first challenge I had as a hearing impaired person was that the camerawoman had a French accent, and Kate's sidekick was from Belfast, but we had a laugh about it and they really helped me out.

Before filming started Kate took me to another room so that I could give her some background to my case. At my last appointment I had told my consultant about the filming, and he had raised an eyebrow and asked if they knew what they were in for. Kate soon found out that I have a wicked sense of humour.

We then went back into the room where filming was to take place. I was miked up, then it was LIGHTS, CAMERA ACTION!!! Kate asked the questions and I tried to give as much helpful information as I could. Sometimes we had to pause and re-record due to a banging door, or voices in the corridor, or because my wicked sense of humour had given Kate a fit of the giggles. I hope when the film is edited that there is plenty of useful information too.

After filming I was able to meet Andy for a quick catch-up. We had met at an event in Birmingham earlier in the year, and he is the person who answers comments on Facebook and on the website.

It was difficult trying to fit so much into such a short space of time, and afterwards I thought of other things I could have said, but if the film helps one person feel more confident about the road ahead, then it will be a job well done.

Anyone who has just had a diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma, I hope your path to good health is more straightforward than mine, but if you have a bump or two along the way take some comfort in that mine was very challenging, and I still made it. Not everyone will, but more and more people do. Keep talking to those taking care of you....medical and family. Keep informed.


If you've recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and have yet to receive treatment you could be eligible to take part in a new clincial trial. Read more here.



It was so good to catch up with you again Louise. Kate really enjoyed the filming and said she'd never laughed so much so there's a gig in comedy for you there if you're looking for something to do! She said that the filming went really well and will make for an excellent video which I'm sure will be of benefit to a number of patients.

Thanks so much for agreeing to take part and everything that you're doing to help us. Have a fab Christmas and see you again soon no doubt!


Thanks Andy. The real comedians in the family are my two sons, and it was there humour that got me through.

Wishing you and all at HQ a peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year