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It was all worth it....

Louise M
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02 Jun 2016

On December 18th 2013 I was given the all clear! It's been a bumpy ride but here is my life now!

My transplant was successful, I had a couple of hospital admissions with the usual post transplant hiccups, infections and the sort. My face slowly recovered, there is still weakness but it's amazing considering how it was. I slowly regained my strength and started getting out and about. Luckily we have a family business, it's been an amazing distraction and given me the escape I needed from what had happened.

Having Hodgkins has changed my direction, rather than shying away I'll give anything a go now, the latest has been going on The Craft Channel for our jewellery making supplies business, I'm grateful to have these chances.

The treatment has left me without the energy I used to have, I can pick up one of the kids colds and be floored for a good few weeks, usually they turn bacterial. My memory is not what it used to be. I'm under the menopause clinic and endocrinology and now go to clinic ever 6 months. But I think I've got off pretty light! 

I'm so grateful I get to continue being a mum to my two little ones, even when stampylonghead is blaring out and Sam & Cat have been on repeat all day. Life is very normal now!


Eleanor Baggley

This is such a positive post, Louise! Thank you for sharing it with us. It's wonderful to hear how your experiences have pushed you to try new things - appearing on The Craft Channel must have been fantastic! Best wishes, Eleanor 

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