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John Purser - Connecting With Volunteers

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21 Jul 2014

This week John shares his experiences of Volunteering with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

This week we hear from John Purser, Regional Chair for the Midlands and Chair of our South Birmingham & District Branch who has kindly agreed to answer my questions about his involvement with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

Hi John, can you give us a bit of background about your involvement with us?

I first became involved with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, along with my wife Teresa, in 1976 when we went along to an initial meeting to try to get a Branch started in the South Birmingham area. We felt the Leukaemia Research Fund, as our charity was called then, was a small charity that needed some help to raise money to provide the grants to doctors engaged in the vitally needed research work. At that meeting I was elected as Branch Chairman and Teresa became the Hon. Treasurer as she worked in a bank at that time.

Since that time we have been involved in every type of fundraising from collections, bag packs and smaller events such as carnival stalls and sponsored walks to large events like Christmas concerts in Birmingham Town Hall. However all these events and collections could not be undertaken without the kind help of our Branch members and supporters - some of whom have been involved for over thirty-five years and some who have joined us in the last few years.

What drives you to keep fundraising?

The need for vital research into all blood cancers was our original reason for volunteering and this is still true today along with the important need for the expansion of clinical trials and patient support. Fundraising is a challenge but it can be enjoyable and you do meet many kind people along with getting experience of life and a sense of doing something that will make a difference.

What do you do to recruit more people to the South Birmingham Branch?

We try to recruit more voluntary supporters for our branch by engaging with people we meet at collections or events and by following up any contacts we get through the website or media mentions or awareness campaigns.

What do you get from volunteering with us?

Through volunteering Teresa and I feel we are doing something positive, albeit in a small way, to help support patients in their fight against all blood cancers and to provide those vitally needed monies to enable the grants to be continued to be given.

If someone were to ask you how your activities have helped you personally, what would you say?

On a personal basis being involved with the activities of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research has helped me develop as a person and take on the roles of Regional Chairman, Midlands and a Trustee of our charity. We have met many wonderful and inspiring people.

If you are not yet involved as a volunteer with a Branch or group please do join us - we can promise you a warm welcome.

John Purser


I'd like to thank John for taking the time answer my questions and give us some insight into his volunteering with us.

If you would like more information on the South Birmingham Branch, or any of our other Branches then please do contact me on 0131 524 1321 or email me on dkennedy@beatingbloodcancers.org.uk.

Last Week’s blog with Jo Bray from our Bristol Branch and Regional Chair for the South West can be found here



Fantastic blog, David.

Great to hear from John about his reasons for signing up which I think ring true for all of us as a starting point at LLR which is why it's such a great place to work! I'd recommend volunteering to anyone having started out myself as a volunteer during the uni holidays many years ago.


Thanks Andy,


I totally agree, volunteering is a great thing to do - it really helps get good work experience which helps with a huge range of things in life. Some skills I learned as a volunteer have been useful both here and in my previous career. It's well worth doing!


Thanks John for all your support over the years.  South Birmingham Branch certianly do offer a warm welcome to all their guests and new volunteers.  

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