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The Journey Starts Here!

Paul C
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28 Apr 2014

27th December 2013

Not the best Christmas really, felt really lousy with a chest infection and spent the majority of Christmas Day in bed. No better on Boxing Day so ended up in The Royal Berks A & E; had the usual checks done and was about clear to leave when the Consultant Haematologist came to see me. White blood count was quite high and he wanted to re-test my blood; I was admitted and the next morning was when I received my diagnosis, Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. Except you don't hear the Chronic Myeloid bit, just that word, Leukaemia and you think there must be a mistake in the laboratory or something, anything other than this. Then the tears started flowing, quite silently, not for me but for my two little boys. I was desperate for them not to have to grow up without their Dad!

Then started a mad couple of weeks of information overload, bone marrow biopsy (what a laugh that is...) and worry. You still don't get past the 'L' word but I had lots of reassurance from the hospital that if I was to get Leukaemia then this was the type to have. Then I was given my first box of Magic Bullets.



Hi Paul, thank you so much for sharing the start of your journey with us! Diagnosis is without question one of the most difficult times as you've got so much to get your head round both emotionally and in terms of options from a treatment perspective. I felt almost all of the things that you did when I was diagnosed (bar the kids part - I was worried about leaving my family behind and felt enormously guilty about giving my terminally ill Mum even more to worry about). The important thing is that you're not alone and that in imatinib you have one of the best drugs in the world at tackling CML. Stay strong and keep us updated on how you're getting on!

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