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Karma Strikes

Kevin Hill
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07 Jul 2015

I've delayed my blog again this month as I had some important milestones on the horizon and in an unusual display of karma they all arrived this weekend.

1 When I started this off I set myself a target of riding 2500 miles in 250 days in training for this ride. I acheived this with 75 days to go.

2. I completed the Birmingham Bikeathon on Sunday with my daughter riding the 52 mile course. The next medal I get will be in 11 weeks under the Eifel Tower in Paris.

3. I passed my initial fund raising target of £1000. Now it's raised to £2000

4. After a numer of near misses finally met Bekah McDonald one of the guiding lights of the ride organisation and the one I keep bothering with all my stupid questions. Great to finally be able to put a face to the name. Typically though Bekah was busy signing riders up before the event and manning the shop afterwards.

So now it's all about consolidating the miles and stretching out the length of the back to back rides. Still get nervous that I've bitten off more than I can chew but rather that than over confident. Will take a bit of a break from the bike at the end of the month as we go off to France on holiday. Initially did plan to take it with me but realise my wife needs a break as well though not having me around might be the best break she could ask for, a good book a bottle of wine and some sun - there's a plan. May need to up the training when I get back to burn off all the extra pounds I can see going on.

Paris here we come.



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