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A leap of faith.

Jason O'Dwyer
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20 May 2014

Sometimes we need to believe that it will work out fine in the end...

As some of you know, I was lucky enough to do a tandem skydive at the weekend. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now and my beautiful family kindly bought me one for my birthday last year.

The experience was amazing; if you’ve been thinking about doing one go for it! Since having told a few people about it I have had a chance to reflect on just how calm I was about the whole thing.  Some of you that know me might think I have a penchant for being a (bit of a) drama queen. In some respects this is true… However when it came to doing the skydive there was no drama or panicking, just a calm and measured state; I realise now that all I did was concentrate on what I could control – myself. 

Doing the jump was quite literally a leap of faith and trust. There was no point thinking about what might go wrong; my life was in someone else’s hands. I put my faith and trust in others – the pilot, my wonderful parachutist, the equipment, even the other jumpers. Strolling into work this morning I thought about this leap of faith that I took at the weekend and how it’s a metaphor for life. Sometime we just need to have a little faith, trust in ourselves and believe that whatever we want to do will work out for the best. All we can do ensure that we are fully prepared before we make that leap – no drama, no fuss.

I guess what I am trying to say is if there is something that you want or need to do but you are putting it off – don’t! Stop procrastinating, make sure that you are prepared for what lies what ahead and take a leap of faith – you might just surprise yourself.


Ellie Dawes

I love this. Good skydive face!


Good for you Jason!

I did a skydive many years ago and would rank it amongst one of the best things I've ever done. You definitely beat me on the skydive face stakes - for some strange reason I spent most of my freefall wtih my tongue out!

Totally agree with the sentiments of the last paragraph, too. If there's something that you want to do you should go for it 100% and not allow obstacles to get in your way. Obstacles are just that - obstacles - and can be overcome.


Thanks Andy... I have a feeling that I'll do another one at some point.


Good for you Jason. Going solo has got to be the ultimate test - not sure I've got the guts to do that!

Catriona Taylor

Brilliant, thanks for sharing Jason! 

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