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Less than 5 weeks to go...

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19 May 2014

So after what seemed like an age, I was back out on my bike.

A short 35 miles got the old legs going again after so many weeks out of the saddle. In all honesty, I think I peeked too soon for this bike ride - about 2 months to soon! When I started back in March, I built up a level of fitness I was happy with. I did my long rides and felt great! ...Two weeks of holiday over Easter and a cold that would have killed any ordinary man, I now feel unfit and heavy legged! It’s as if I’ve just started all over again.

On the plus side, the sun is shining so if all else fails, at least I'll get a tan! Anyway, my training is back in full swing after many weeks away and funnily enough, I'm glad! Let’s see what next weekend brings.



Well done for getting back in the saddle - never easy to get out there again after a lay-off.

From my experience with running (not sure if the same applies with cycling) it will take a week or so to get back into it again but the previous fitness won't have gone completely and it will get easier. It can be easy to overtrain too - make sure you give your body plenty of time between rides to recover. 

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