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Life after cancer

Michaela D
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25 Jan 2016

A few pondering thoughts about how being ill can change your perspective on things

Having not blogged for a little while, I thought I would share some of my pondering thoughts with you all. Of late I have felt quite anxious and at times get frustrated easily by others. I think that it is sad that it takes an event as traumatic as cancer to make you realise how important living life is. Before my illness, I took so much for granted as so many people do. Being ill taught me to live and for that I will always be thankful.  

But the reality is, so many people do take it for granted. So many people concern themselves with the material things in life; their next pay check, what they are going to buy next etc. When the reality is, we should be concerning ourselves with spending time with those that matter. When we are no longer here, the people we leave behind are our legacy. We live on through them. Our dreams can be achieved by others. I knew when I was ill and didn’t think I would see it through that I would live on through my friends and family. They would talk about the memories we made and the stories we created. My sisters and mum would continue to achieve my dreams for me. They would lose themselves in a moment and find themselves pulling a face that reminded them of me or saying something that I would have said. I cannot stress the importance of making the most of the time you have with those that love you. Make memories with your friends. Laugh every day. There are always so many things to be happy about. While work is important, when you are no longer here you will easily be replaced. Your job is like a conveyor belt and it will be given to the next person. Your family, and friends however are irreplaceable. Make the most of what you have and never take anyone for granted.  Find the time for those who care for you.


Eleanor Baggley

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Michaela. Your words really hit home for me and I find it fascinating that you, me and so many others have felt a similar gratefulness towards cancer (if that's the right word). It feels such an odd thing to say, but you're absolutely right that it teaches us how to live and how to be thankful for what we have. I really loved reading this Michaela, thank you. Take care, Eleanor


Hi Michaela. What a brilliant blog, which I'm sure struck a chord with others (besides myself) who had come through cancer. Bucket lists seem false, although if that is what gets people through I am not knocking it, but it is the small things that matter. I am going through a few health issues connected to my treatment, and having a bad day, but a phone call from my 4 yr old grandson this afternoon, asking if I would make pancakes at his nursery in a couple of weeks made me feel like a queen. Best wishes for the future xx

Lizzie Goates

Hi Michaela, some really wise words here and I couldn’t agree more about how we should all spend more time with the ones we love. I think myself and colleagues are extremely lucky in this job because we get to read blogs like this, meet some incredible people and witness so much kindness from strangers who often want nothing more than to ressure and hug someone, when they see them struggling. It puts your faith back into humanity! I hope your continuing to do well after treatment, and I look forward to reading more lovely blogs from you, take care Lizzie 

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