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Life is full of challenges

Jon Lawrence
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13 Jul 2015

Saturday 11th July 2015

Life is full of challenges and this week has been an interesting one for sure, for lots of reasons, all non sport related. Some of you reading will know what I am referring to, however its at times like this that I draw on sports and the motivation it provides and as the quote above says, you have to keep moving forward inspite of the hits you get in life, which is precisely what I will be doing.

This week has seen lots of positives in terms of the training and recovery process. I hit my goal of 3 runs this week, after heading out this morning for 4 miles. I am gradually building up the distance with each run and also trying to push the pace little by little. My running went from 2.5 miles on Tuesday to 3.1 miles on Thursday and then 4 miles today. I am still finding it hard going and I can't say I feel like a proper runner yet as it feels like a bit of a plod for me, but I need to take things slowly and  steadily. One thing that is bizarre to me, yesterday I went out and did my long ride for the week, 71 miles in 4hrs 28, today I ran 4 miles in 32mins and yet running 4 miles felt harder to me……you go figure out how that works.

Overall I am really pleased that I am getting back into some form of running routine, thats what I am by definition and I always want to maintain doing something I love. The knee operation has forced me to take a break and the rehab has made me focus on other forms of exercises such as cycling and swimming.

In terms of cycling the Prudential ride 100 is now just 3 weeks away, so I decided to head for a ride of 70 miles yesterday. I wanted to include some of the route round Surrey that is part of the event and my aim was to tackle Leith Hill. As I approached the area signs started to appear saying that a cycling event  was taking place on the 2nd August and that there would be road closures…..ooh I thought, that will be me taking part in that….its starting to get real!! There were also lots of no stopping, tow away zone signs….well, believe me I don't intend to stop, and if I did, I doubt you would tow me away on my bike!!! I worked out the logistics for the ride this week and have figured out that I will need to leave my house at 3.45am and that the parking I have booked will involve a 5 mile cycle to the start and an 11 mile from the finish, plus I need to fit in the 100 mile cycle ride……its going to be a challenge!!

Sponsorship is ongoing and I am now over £100 thanks to everyone's generosity so far. If you can support and help then please do using the link enclosed:

We are now entering the tapering zone for the ride 100 which means this week I will only do 60 miles as a long ride, not 70. I also plan to keep the regularity of the running every other day, and this will help me keep dealing with the rest. I say it every blog, but it's true… thanks for reading and

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