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Little Bag of Hair

Rebecca J
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06 Jul 2014

When my hair started falling out it was a slow process. Since it was quite long I didn't want huge long clumps coming out so after talking to pretty much every single person I knew I made the decision to have it cut into a bob. This is my post from the day.

The deed is done! My previously growing locks have been chopped off- and I love it!
Tonight a friend and I had quite a drastic amount of hair cut off- the hairdresser wasn’t going to show me the damages but I wanted a peek! Chloe is donating six inches of her hair to the "Little Princesses" wig charity, so I even got to hack Chloe’s first ponytail off (Scared doesn’t even begin to cover what we were feeling!) It's actually a lot harder than it looks as the ponytail gets all stiff. It took me several chops while Chloe was shaking in fear! We've known each other since we were babies so it was a great experience to share together.

Here’s some collages just to show the overall process...




Thanks so much for sharing this Becca.

It must have been hard to lose the hair, especially when you're used to having long flowing locks like yours! I think you made the right call getting it cut off though rather than waiting to find it in clumps on your pillow.

Your friend Chloe sounds AMAZING! What a great thing to do as a sign of solidarity and support for you. Good on her.

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