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Living alone with MDS

Anthony Abel
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22 Nov 2015

Anthony Abel Blog Update
Coping with MDS

It's been a year now since I was diagnosed with MDS, and I must admit I was devastated at the time.

I have just had cycle 12 of Azacitidine( my first Aza birthday). The treatment is going well and I have my three month review with my haematologist on 29/12 to assess my progress. I am fortunate not getting any of the unpleasant side effects of my treatment.

I have had to make huge adjustments to my lifestyle to avoid any infection etc, and I must admit I found that extremely difficult to begin with. Spending two five hour sessions in the Critical Care Unit at my local hospital convinced me of the necessity of making changes.

It reminds me of a poem by A E Houseman, The Shropshire Lad which puts it in a nutshell.

" Into my heart an air that kills,

from yon far country blows,

what are those blue remembered hills,

whose farms and spires are those.?

That is the land of lost content,

I see it shining plain,

those happy highways I once went,

land can never come again."

Very relevant to life changes made I think.

One thing is for certain " I shall not go gently into the night"

I will fight this until the bitter end.

Anthony Abel



Anthony thank you so much for the update!

It's great to hear that you're doing so well at the moment and hard to believe that a year has already gone by since your initial diagnosis. I've got everything crossed for you that all goes well at your check-up at the weekend and wish you all the best going forwards.

Do keep us updated and remember that Lizzie and Ellie are always available on the support line if you ever need any additional information or support or simply to talk to someone with a sympathetic ear.

Keep going and remember we're with you every step of the way!


Eleanor Baggley

Thank you for the update, Anthony! It's wonderful to hear you're well and not having any unpleasant side effects. Beautiful poem - thank you for sharing. All the best and do give us a call if you need anything. Eleanor


Dear Eleanor and Andy,

Thank you very much for your good wishes, I'll keep in touch about my progress

best wishes to you both




You're welcome Abel. Do keep us updated and thanks so much for all your support.


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