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Local Youth Development Program

Danny Redhead
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06 Sep 2014

I strongly believe that young people can achieve great things, its important that they are given the platform to do so and that's what we intend to do.

Following our hugely successful £50K Celebration Evening we made a commitment to hitting £100K before the end of 2017, become an integral part of the community of Winterton, and to grow as a branch reaching to more people in both Winterton and the surrounding areas - perhaps a little challenging when half the team will be dotted around the country at University. We thought it was an important time to reflect on where we are as a branch, what we have achieved, but most importantly where we want to go and what we want to be.

Whilst our main ambitions are of course to raise funds and awareness for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research we want to be seen as a group that does and achieves more than that by being at the heart of the community. We want to be an integral part of the community partnering with other organisations and supporting local businesses whilst raising funds, whether that be using local printing companies to produce our event programs, or supporting a wide range of local venues to host our events we want Winterton to benefit from our existence.

As a branch primarily made up of young people we see it as a duty to support the youth of Winterton. Over the last four years we have learnt so much and met a lot of very influential people all of which has proven to be incredibly valuable on our CV's. We want other young people in Winterton to have the opportunity to gain these vital skills whilst doing something so incredibly rewarding by supporting a charity that is close to so many people's hearts in our local community.

This has seen the birth of our new Local Youth Development Program which has been created to provide the youth of Winterton with a platform to develop their soft skills and become involved in a young, energetic and vibrant team of individuals dedicated to beat blood cancers. The branch is committed to mentoring these young people to help enhance their CV’s to make them more employable through providing opportunities to take an active role in our events, and manage their own projects. There will also be the opportunity for those that show commitment and dedication to the branch to receive awards in recognition of their work. We are thrilled to be working very closely with Winterton Community Academy on this project that has already received funding from the Winterton and District Lions who will also be supporting the project by being involved with the mentoring and recognizing the work of the young people involved. Additional funding requests have been submitted to allow the youth of Winterton to be able to get the most out of this exciting project.

Organisations such as Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire Council Careers Service are also showing their support for the project. We will be launching the program w/c 15th September - the same week as Small Change Big Impact as we felt it was appropriate to tie the two together. I will be holding assemblies at Winterton Community Academy on 16th and 19th September to talk about Small Change Big Impact and invite the pupils to joining the program. Following on from this we will be holding a workshop event on 4th October for those joining the program to introduce them to the team and provide them with further information including their welcome packs and log books that will be covered by the funding for the project. Following on from the workshop the new members of the fundraising team will have the opportunity to become involved in our branch events providing the opportunity for them to take an active role in our branch, as well as running their own projects in teams at school, ideas surrounding these projects will include cake sales, awareness assemblies and managing a Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research noticeboard in school.

We, along with Winterton Community Academy and the Winterton Lions are incredibly excited about this program and what it can and will offer to young people. We are committed to mentoring these young people both for the benefit of our branch, but also their own personal benefit due to the development they will gain from it, and I personally am incredibly proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to beating blood cancers and supporting its local community in ways such as this.

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