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Eddie W
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01 Jun 2014

I'm gonna be doing the LONDON BIKEATHON on the 31st AUGUST 2014.

Those who know me and know my family will also be aware that like so many other families in this world of ours we too have been rocked by the knowledge that a family member has cancer. My father in his early 30s was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and having beaten that was diagnosed in his 70s with prostate cancer. Once again he beat this terrible disease due in part to the help care and expertise of... those in the NHS who go above and beyond to help those we love survive. Having seen my father go through this twice and been devastated by it we were hit with another blow when my younger brother was diagnosed with the early stages of Lymphoma after finding a lump in his throat and subsequently underwent chemotherapy. Recently he was given the all clear and is being monitored for the next 5 years. Without the help of the medical professionals the outcomes could of been alot worse. This year I will also be dedicating my bike ride to a lovely work colleague of mine who has just found out she has breast cancer and also for  a wonderful Head teacher at All Saint Infant school called Kate , who sadly passed from Leukaemia a short while ago.

But it isn't just down to them that many thousands live long and cancer free lives after there initial diagnosis . It is also with the help of the many hundreds of thousands who give up their time to fundraise in all kinds of ways in order to raise money for research into beating all these types of cancer...... On August 31st 2014 I will be doing the London Bikeathon sponsored bike ride again, in order to help raise money so that other families can be helped to beat their cancers just like ours were. If you can donate.... even a small amount it would mean so much ... Thankyou xx
Sponsorship rising steadily guys...thankyou so much ...keep putting this out there please... I will share this from time to time just to bump it back into the public eye .. Love you guys . Please keep commenting and showing your support . I love to read and reply to them and they give me more determination and motivation to push myself as far as i can and raise as much as i can to beat cancers . Lots of love xx
If any of you have any other great ideas for raising money towards this great cause i would love to hear them. Please keep sharing , likeing but most of all donating.



Lovely blog. Hope training is going well. Looking forward to hearing more about how everything is going. 



HI Eddie

I hope your donig well. Fantastic that your doing this I hope training is not to grewling!  If you need anything let me know.

Emma :-)

Sara T

Hi Eddie!

All the very best for the Bikeathon, hope it goes well, and good luck for your fundraising!  It means so much that you're taking part in the event again.



Thanks so much for being motivated and getting on your bike again - you can do it Eddie!

Abbi D

What a great post! Huge thanks to you for undertaking London Bikeathon. Keep blogging! :)

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