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London to Paris 2015

Adrian P
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18 Jan 2015

This is going to be like a marathon for me. I am permanently on weather watch.

18.01.15 New bike, my Crois De Fer has arrived and I have had my 1st ride on it. Very nice.
16.01.15 Pete Robinson twisted my arm to sign up for the event befroe it became over subscribed. Thanks Pete.



Thanks for the update, Andrew and welcome to our Unstoppable team! I imagine you're a member of the London to Paris Facebook group already but if not then I'd recommend it as it's a great place for tips and info where you can ask questions and get to know some of the others taking part:


08.08.15 4970 miles into training for the L2P I am excited about passing the 5000 mile marker.
More importantly I've just seen the incredible sponsorship that has been pinned on me to do this ride,

I ride solo, a habit from triathlon training. I am lookng forward to meeting people on the L2P.
Ponies, horses deer and flying squirrels are out in force at the moment, donkeys too-looking all ragged.
Yes I did say flying squirrels....they frighten the life out of me.

I've found a great 55 mile route with just shy of 3k ft of climb that ticks every box for terrain that I exepct to encounter on the L2P and it has a couple of special moments, Cow Drove, just outside of Stockbridge, three minutes of total burn. Never have I seen such a hill that gives you nothing to work with. The second is a roman road that is now almost forgotten that just feels odd and nostalgic. You can but wonder why the Romans built the road-up a hill when ther was a perfectly flat valley below.  Today I beat my PB on the circuit, not that it is something I am really in control of, the wind was for once much kinder to me. Tomorrow I look to go again and hit the 5000 mile marker and 250 miles for the month. I'm aiming for 750. Luckily August has five weekends.....

PS Dear ASDA Thank you for discounting 9Bars to 50p each. I have stocked up on enought to get met through August and L2P.  Timing of the roll back offer is perfect. :)