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Lost in Transition After Cancer

Tammy A
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01 May 2015

How you may feel written in black and white by another Cancer Survivor.

Hello Everyone

I was given a document from my counselor on Wednesday.  When I started reading it, I thought I was reading something I wrote. Almost everything that I thought and felt was right there in black and white.  

I wanted to share this with everyone to let them know, it is OKAY to feel the way you do...you are not alone...


Tomorrow is a big day.  We have our Survivor and Donor Reunion tomorrow night.  We will be able to meet all the people that made the transplant happen and make it a success.  I have also decided to sign up and become a Counselor to help others become aware of what to really expect...

Stay Strong and Stay Positive.




Thank you so much for sharing this Tammy. Brilliant article that I think a lot of patients will be able to relate to.

Have a good time at your survivor and donor reunion and do let us know how you get on. I think it's fantastic that you've signed up to become a counsellor to help others. It must be nice to give something back.

Stay in touch and thank you so much for all your support. Together we will beat blood cancer.


I was the same. I thought 'yeah, so'. It was like I was living in a different body as it didn't react quite the same as it used to. But it all settles down and before you know it it all feels quite normal again. Bash on! It's also weird after being 'institutionalised' for so long while going through treatment but you get it sorted sooner than you think.


I am two and a half years out from induction and consolidation and still in remission, even though I declined the suggested SCT. At 66, I am still struggling with the limitations of pain and fatigue, as well as depression. I am truly grateful and resentful all at once, but little by little I am learning how to cope with accelerated signs of aging. I have given myself permission to take the time I need to adjust to this new reality of life after treatment. No one who hasn't been through this can ever understand why I can't just move forward. I don't look like a cancer patient anymore. They can't see what I can feel in my body and spirit. My dear sister has been a source of inspiration. She has struggled with cerebral palsy all her life and she defines herself by her abilities, not her disabilities. I want to learn how to do that too. Little by little, I will get there. I hope I have enough years left to display that spirit as well as she has in her lifetime. I laugh when she says that she has had a lifetime to learn these lessons I have only begun to learn. I believe I can do it, though. The best thing I did was go back to work part-time about three months after my last treatment, once I was done with fevers and transfusions. I'm not motivated to move around when home, but I will do so when I have to at work. It has become a bit easier. My mind knows exercise would help me in many ways, but my body resists the effort. I hope that your youth and resilience will support you in your desire to resume your life.

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