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A Lost Weekend

Becky Brown
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09 Feb 2015

I spent most of this weekend lost. Not in the John Lennon sense but in the physical ‘where the hell am I?’ sense. South London is very hilly, I know this, I live on one of them. So you think I would not be so surprised when I seemed to find myself cycling up what felt like every one in the vicinity. However I was. Especially when I seemed to be going the wrong way a lot of the time.

The news about a time trial around Brands Hatch on our first day of the ride had a slightly different effect on me than the excitement it generated in others. To say it scared the bejesus out of me is a complete understatement but it has had the effect of motivating me to get on my bike. The idea of the potential humiliation has got me going on the training. (Although I have not yet ruled out the possibility of sailing past the entrance and telling everyone else to catch me up at the ferry).

So I have added a couple of miles onto my route to work and been cycling to all and every social occasion. It has had the welcome side effect of me drinking less alcohol BUT it has not been navigationally easy! By September I think I am going to know every back route in South London.  I have no idea how fast I actually cycle due to the frequent being lost and map checking aspects of my rides, but my nifty iphone app does tell me though that I am faster on my normal bike than my road bike. Surely that should be the other way round? Oops. Clearly Doris and I need more quality time together.



Hey Becky,

Really sorry to hear that you got lost on your rides over the weekend - at least once you're in the peloton for L2P that won't be a problem! As you say, you'll get more familiar with the routes that you take the more training you do and you'll get quicker on Doris too - it does take a bit of time to adjust to a road bike and many riders are often more cautious while they're adjusting to using one.

Don't get disheartened thoguh and well done for getting out there when it's cold and dark - with that attitude you'll be just fine in the weeks and months ahead.

Look forward to the next update, Andy

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