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Luca Rizzo takes on his own ALTERNATIVE fundraising challenge

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17 Jul 2014

In 1982 ago my uncle and auntie after losing their first born son Valentino to leukaemia, set up The Alternative Hair Show, a hair show to raise money and awareness for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

Now in its 32nd year it has grown to one of the biggest hair shows in the hairdressing industry attracting hair artists and over 5000 spectators to the Royal Albert Hall in London for a spectacular show. The annual event has raised over £8 million for research.

Sixteen years ago I also lost my younger brother to leukaemia when I was 6 and Giacomo was only 4 years old. This year I will be completing a skydive in memory of him and also to raise money for leukaemia research. 

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Every day, children and their families are struggling to battle this blood cancer. Without research into new treatments they wouldn't be able to do what we would all want - FIND A CURE. Raising money isn't always about doing something for you, a life goal, a thrill to seek, a personal goal. It's sometimes about giving back.

The Alternative Hair Show also take a trip with children and their families all living with leukaemia to Disney Land Paris for a weekend. Seeing first hand what a smile it brings to children and their families when they get a break from doctors surgeries, hospital wards, and the daily battle with having to fight for that child, brother, sister, son or daughter is so warming that you feel you need to do something to give back.

When I thought about what I'd like to do to raise money, I thought about something that my brother and my cousin never also got the chance to do, then you realise that sometimes it's the little things in life that mean the most and you've got to find something that won't just test you, but to do something that maybe a child can't or was never able to do.

That's why I chose a skydive, it's a new experience for me and I'm looking forward to seeing what the money will do and to be doing my own ALTERNATIVE fundraising.

I hope that everyone out there finds something to do to raise money, and remember that whatever you do choose to do, it will make a difference, not just for the children who have leukaemia but the families who are living with it too.

Good luck.




Thank you so much for writing this blog. I've got nothing but admiration for everything you and your family have done as a family over the years to help us beat blood cancer. It's thanks to people like you that I'm still here today as without your support the doctors and researchers wouldn't have made the advances they have which have enabled more and more people to survive blood cancer.

Good luck with the skydive - I did one a few years ago and can honestly say it's one of the most fun things you'll ever do but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous before setting off. The only advice I would give is go first if there is more than just you diving from the plane as it's so much worse seeing your mate go out before you!

Thanks again for everything you're doing - I look forward to reading how you got on in the sky dive in your next blog.

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